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Terrible app

This app does not work. The links are slow, unable to sign in, not user friendly. I would like a refund as it is not worth the $1.99!

Should of read the reviews first...

App does not work!

Links/App Simply Does Not Work

A great idea, but it doesnt work. Even the font doesnt adjust to the phone or iPad for all the links. At first, I thought maybe my phone was acting up, because it was so bad (most recent model phone, but it was that bad). I restarted and then got another app, that works just great and doesnt have issues. I dont mind that apps take time to work through, but not sure why they are charging for it if it doesnt work. For the $1.99 it was worth the try...because I didnt think to read reviews first. Dont buy it.

Do Not Buy

This app does nothing for Young Living. I wonder if its even really sponsored by them. When clicking on links or items they dont open. Booooooo


Products are missing and the look up products does not work! Do not buy this!!

Fraudulent does not work

Fraudulent does not work

Disappointed would like a refund!

This appears to be now more than the YL catalog in app form. Definitely was hoping for a more detailed reference type app! Boo!


Cant sign in and cant report a problem. Would suggest also to add feature to look up what oils to buy for certain problems.... Like a quick search

Just wondering

Just wondering if this is NOT an official, sponsored by the company app but someone selling the oils to a potentially large "customer base". If so....kudos for a brilliant idea...but buyer beware! You dont know what you are getting and if you are a Young Living member.....this is NOT the app you are looking for. BTW...You can keep my $1.99 for the idea.

Not ready.

This app is not ready, do not buy! It looks just like the official Young living site but none of the links work like as the site. You would be much better off just to go online to the site. Extremely disappointing.

Needs work

Prices incorrect!

Dont Waste $, doesnt work

Cant sign in, cant report problems, cant search oils. Whats the point??!


Needs work. Has potential. To many bugs.

Too many bug issues!

Wont allow to go to several pages. Please fix, it would be a great app if no bugs!

Major bug fixes needed!

Love the oils, but this app needs quite a bit of work.

Medicinal Drops

These oils are like magic! I love the peppermint, it is a must.

No Good

This app is no good.

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